Club Dancers Wanted International Strip Club Agency

International Clubs. Dance your way around the world with us! Our International Clubs are ALWAYS hiring dancers. Club Dancers Wanted International Strip Club Agency.

We ALWAYS need house dancers in all of our local and international strip clubs. We book, and need dancers all year round so join our agency and start your next money making adventure.

As you may know Busama Entertainment is a global exotic dancer jobs travel agency. Our list of partner clubs is growing all the time and we are happy to offer our dancers a wide variety of clubs and locations to choose from.

There is so much work available and although we have a large number of dancers applying all the time, we can never fill the number of club dancers wanted by the strip clubs that have requested our international strip club agency to recruit for them.

We specialize in nude dancer/ dancing jobs, hostess jobs, gogo dancer/dancing jobs, strip tease/ stripper jobs, we have an amazing selection of classy clubs all over the world, just contact us and ask us some questions, we are only too happy to suggest the best places that you can go to work.

There are a lot of strip clubs to watch out for coming into 2019 & 2020, in particular countries such as U.S.A, where we have great clubs in South Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Myrtle Beach and Louisiana.  Australia and New Zealand. Our other clubs in Brisbane, Adelaide & Sydney in Australia, Auckland & Wellington In New Zealand, and then we have Macau, London, as well as Paris & Mexico.

Don’t miss out join Busama Entertainment now and start planning your next trip. Don’t be afraid to travel overseas, thousands of dancers do the international circuit each year, so grab a friend or two and book with us now! We are here to help you, so ask us questions, let us be your agent, that’s what we do!JUST REMEMBER, our agency services are FREE of charge, yes that’s right, we do not charge our dancers any money at all for our services, our clubs pay us our money, so why not try working with us, it does not cost you a thing.

We try to keep only the best clubs we can find on our website. If we work with a club and we get too much bad feedback from our dancers, we stop booking that place. Our business grows if our dancers are happy and make money. If our dancers make money then we make money.

Just ask us for some advice about where you should go, we will always be honest with you. Different clubs might be good depending on the time of year. We have a bunch of really classy clubs that we have worked with for many years, plus new and exciting clubs are joining us all the time, so just keep checking this page.