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Stripper jobs + Exotic Dancer jobs | Stripper agency Australia

Stripper Jobs + Exotic Dancer Jobs | Stripper Agency Australia

We are a Stripper agency based in Brisbane, Australia who specialises in Stripper jobs and Exotic Dancer jobs. Quite literally, we need Hundreds of dancers each month to fill all of the Dancer jobs that our listed employers are advertising for.

Our local and International Clubs are ALWAYS hiring dancers. For years we have been booking Exotic Entertainers in to amazing clubs in Brisbane Valley Club, Caxton Street Club, Adelaide, & Sydney, we will be adding many more clubs in Australia and around the world over the coming months.

The lap dancing and strip club industry continues to expand, despite the significant impact of COVID-19 on global economies. Feedback indicates that many clubs have thrived during this period. Local dancers, who had previously retired or lost daytime jobs, found opportunities to return to entertaining and earn substantial income, leading to an abundance of dancers in clubs.

The demand for entertainment remains high, resulting in a continuous increase in the number of stripper and exotic dancer jobs available. The industry sees new gentlemen’s and strip clubs opening annually, further contributing to this growth.

While many individuals face financial hardships and unemployment, professional entertainers who approach their work with dedication continue to prosper. With borders reopening, there are more opportunities for dancers to travel globally and select from an increasing number of top-quality strip clubs.

Busama Entertainment invites more clubs, employers, and dancers to join us. Our current portfolio includes some of the most exclusive and profitable clubs in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney. As we plan to open more upscale strip clubs, we need hundreds of dancers to join our team and fill the stripper and exotic dancer jobs. The new clubs anticipate requiring around 300 new dancers per week.

We look forward to expanding our network and providing exceptional opportunities for dancers and clubs alike.

Ask us about all of our Australian clubs.

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