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Stripper Agency Australia.

Stripper jobs Exotic Dancer jobs Stripper agency Australia. Hundreds of dancers wanted for Stripper Jobs and Exotic Dancers jobs. Busama Entertainment. Our International Clubs are ALWAYS hiring dancers. We book amazing clubs in Brisbane Valley Club, Caxton Street Club, Petrie Terrace Club. , Adelaide, & Sydney, ask us about them now! Don’t forget to check our the clubs section on this website for all our other beautiful clubs all around the world!

The Lap dancing and Strip Club Industry continues to grow although the world economies are going through some rough times. The number Stripper jobs and Exotic dancer jobs is increasing quickly and will continue to do so. Now is the best time to join the fastest growing stripper agency in Australia, Busama Entertainment. The strip club scene in Australia saw some rapid growth in 2018 which has continued in 2019 there are some lovely clubs in Australia. Strippers continue to get richer and there is no shortage of dancer jobs in Gentlemen’s Clubs in Australia, or around the world.

While most people are struggling to make repayments on their homes and remain out of work, Strippers and Exotic dancers continue to thrive, make more money, travel all over the world and have more and more top quality strip clubs to choose to work in. Busama Entertainment is happy to announce that our partner clubs in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia are part of this booming growth. Our current portfolio consists of some of the most exclusive and best money making clubs in the country, in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney. There are plans for more upmarket strip clubs to be opened and we need hundreds of dancers to join our team, and help us fill our stripper jobs and exotic dancer jobs. The new clubs have requested around 300 new dancers per week.

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We would also like to announce that BUSAMA Entertainment plan is to bring dancers from all over the world to work with us in Australia. Australia has some wonderful high class gentlemen’s clubs and the money can be excellent depending on how hard you work. With the large and increasing numbers of stripper jobs and exotic dancer jobs, it is always a good time for dancers from many countries to come and work with the fastest growing stripper agency in Australia. Let us be your dancer travel agent. The busy season starts in March and ends in December.